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Imprint: No. 1/2020

Imprint: No. 2/2020


About the Journal                                                     Romanian

With a history of over 60 years of prestigious scientific publishing, the journal “Constructii” traces over time the progress of knowledge in the field of civil engineering in Romania.
At present
, with its “New Series” launched in 2006, the journal keeps up with the most recent trends in modern publishing, by providing high quality, internationally recognized content in both online (open access to full text resources) and print versions.

The journal publishes scientific papers on various civil engineering issues as:
concrete and mortar technology, building equipment, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, energy performance of buildings, renewable energy use in buildings, masonry structures and steel structures, seismic hazard and seismic risk, thermal protection of buildings, protection against corrosion, fire protection, waterproofing and roofing, polymeric products, building acoustics, phase change materials, construction economy, sustainable green buildings etc.

The journal does not charge submission or processing fees.

Short History

The journal was first published in 1949 under the name of "Journal of Buildings and Construction Materials" ("Revista Constructiilor si Materialelor de Constructii"), as a publication of the Ministry of Industrial Construction.

Since 1971 until today, the journal is published under the name of "CONSTRUCTII" ("Civil Engineering").

Starting from 2006, the journal CONSTRUCTII is issued under its well-known name, with the mention New Series, (year LIV).

In its new form, the journal is issued twice a year. Papers are published in English, complying to the layout of international indexed scientific journals.

Starting with No. 1 / 2009, year LVII, until 2011, the journal was edited in partnership by the National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development URBAN-INCERC, INCERC Bucharest Branch and the General Association of Engineers in Romania, AGIR. Since 2012, the journal is edited and published by URBAN-INCERC.

Starting from 2010, all published papers are available in full text on the journal website. For the previous issues, most of the papers are available in full text, while abstacts are available for all papers. The entire online content of "CONSTRUCTII" Journal is freely downloadable.

Since 2014 the logo of CONSTRUCTII Journal is registered by OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks).

ISSN: 1221 - 2709 (print), 2247-0328 (online)


The journal CONSTRUCTII is classified by the National Council of Scientific Research in Universities (CNCSIS) in the B+ Category. (Clasification for 2010 and 2011).

The journal is presented on SCIPIO - Romanian Editorial Platform.

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Dr. ing. Emil-Sever GEORGESCU
Director of the European Center for Building Rehabilitation, ECBR, URBAN-INCERC
Senior Researcher, URBAN-INCERC, INCERC Bucharest Branch

Associate Editor:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iolanda-Gabriela CRAIFALEANU
Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Romania
Senior Researcher, URBAN-INCERC, INCERC Bucharest Branch

+4021-255.78.66, +4021-255.22.50, ext. 250

Sos. Pantelimon, No. 266, Sector 2, 021652, Bucharest, Romania


E-mail:  constructii.journal @gmail.com
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