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Imprint: No. 1-2/2019


The journal was first published in 1949 under the name of "Journal of Buildings and Construction Materials" ("Revista Constructiilor si Materialelor de Constructii"), as a publication of the Ministry of Industrial Construction.
The journal was published monthly until 1970, totaling 22 annual volumes.

Since 1971 until today, the journal is published under the name of "CONSTRUCTII" ("Civil Engineering").




Since 1992, INCERC, the National Institute for Building Research, is the exclusive editor of the journal CONSTRUCTII. During the same year, the journal was registered and received the ISSN code (ISSN 1221 - 2709), which is owned by the journal until the present day.

In the above structure, the journal CONSTRUCTII was published together with specialized supplements:

- between 1979 and 1981 - INSTALATII ("Building Services") - edited by INCERC (4 issues per year);

- in 1984, 1987 and 1988 -  MECANIZAREA CONSTRUCTIILOR ("Building Mechanisation")- edited by the Ministry of Industrial Construction

Since 2006, the journal CONSTRUCTII is issued under its acknowledged name, with the mention New Series, (year LIV). In its new form, the journal is issued twice a year. The papers are published in a bilingual system (Romanian, English), compliant to the layout of international indexed scientific journals

Starting with No. 1 / 2009, year LVII, until 2011, the journal was edited in partnership by the National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development URBAN-INCERC, INCERC Bucharest Branch and the General Association of Engineers in Romania, AGIR. Since 2012, the journal is edited and published by URBAN-INCERC.

The editorial board, formed of high-rank Romanian and international specialists in the field, reviews the papers which are to be published in the journal. The paper publishes papers submitted both by Romanian and foreign specialists, according to the instructions published on the site.

As a technical and scientific journal, issued regularly for over 60 years, "Constructii" can be considered one of the prestigious scientific journals which are both nationally and internationally recognized. It is the only Romanian journal with a contents dedicated exclusively to the civil engineering specialists, both from scientific research and from universities.

Nonetheless, the value of the published papers recommends the journal CONSTRUCTII to graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs.

Dr. Emil-Sever GEORGESCU


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